experiments | experimente

August 22, 2012

I love experimenting with my “craft”, the audio visual. Unfortunately i have much less time to do so than i would like to have. Still, every now and then i am trying to broaden my experiences and do something new.

  • Primavera 01 is a collaborative work with Cesar Hernandez. Cesar, sound engineer by profession and me shared a flat in Berlin for quite a while and we had a lot of talks about why we didn’t do more little films, for fun, since we had all the knowledge and equipment. One day, on a very very cold winter in Berlin, we finally followed our promise and made a little experimental work, exploring the interconnection of sound, images and text. Each audiovisual layer oscillates on the information level between total independence and joining another layer.
  • Naturban is an experiment in rhytmic editing. While filming the dry leaves on a street crossing in cologne, i was surprised by the level of noise that occured in one moment, while the next moment it was completely silent and you could hear the wind shaking the trees. I wanted to create that transition of noise to silence, but keeping things rhytmically paced at the same time.
  • ANGST was made as a video projection for a Halloween party. For a couple of days we browsed through a lot of VHS Tapes, trying to find every kind of expression of fear. In the compilation, you can see how fear is commonly expressed by actors and also how these expressions changes in different genres and over time.