concrete dreams | sueños concretos

March 13, 2014

The real estate crisis left hundreds of construction and housing projects unfinished or uninhabited. A lot of people lost their money, some their entire retirement funds. It also left Spain cluttered with physical proof of the hybris of an industry that for decades had been the motor of the spanish economy. Entire villages that were never inhabited, ghost towns of unappealing serial architecture.

“Concrete Dreams” is a documentary that follows these dreams of quick money and how they evaporated in the bursting bubble that had been the spanish real estate market. It is not trying to explain the financial mechanisms that eventually lead to the breakdown, it tries to understand the dreams of the people of being part of an industrialized movement trying to satisfy the dream of “ownership”.

It is a collaborative Project of Cinematographer / Director Matthias Schellenberg and Till Steinmetz. We are currently looking for funding.

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